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A free, open source Acorn Atom emulator for Windows, Linux, OSX and Raspberry Pi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In the Linux version, how do I enter the GUI to load disc images etc.?
A: Press F11.

Q: Can I save programs within the emulator?
A: Saving via tape is not supported. Saving via disc is however.

Q: Where can I download some software to use with the emulator?
A: Wouter Scholten's Acorn Atom archive, Wouter Ras' old Atom page, The BBC Lives! and Retro Software are good places to start looking.

Q: When I try to load a cassette tape image, the Atom doesn't seem to respond?
A: The Atom gives no messages while loading so you will need to be patient!

Q: Why does the emulator keyboard seem very unresponsive?
A: The keyboard isn't too responsive for typing. A real Atom is like this as well.

Q: Where are the left and down cursor keys?
A: The Acorn Atom only has two cursor keys - a horizontal key and a vertical key. To reverse the direction, to go left or down, hold down the SHIFT key as a modifier. The PC End key acts as Atom COPY and any PC key + Alt is Atom REPEAT.

Q: Why can't I access the disc drive when using BBC BASIC?
A: The emulated BBC BASIC language board allows a superior BASIC, but the disc drive is not functional in BBC BASIC mode (this seems to be the case with the real machine also).

Q: When I enter a graphics mode in BASIC why doesn't the text display work?
A: This is faithful to the real machine as well.

Q: Why does the emulated sound seem so poor?
A: Atom sound is that bad, and faithful to the real machine.