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A free, open source Acorn Atom emulator for Windows and Linux


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Click here to download the latest unofficial update of Atomulator for Windows - version 1.13 (source code included) by Phill Harvey-Smith
Click here to download the latest version of Atomulator for Windows - version 1.0 (source code included)
Click here to download the latest version of Atomulator for Linux - version 1.0 (source code included)

January 13th 2013
A new update to Atomulator v1.13 by Phill Harvey-Smith has been uploaded. This is a temporary update with code which will eventually be subsumed into the official Atomulator codebase. Source / executable for the temporary version are available in the meantime.


  • Support for Ramoth RAM-ROM clockboost board, which extends the ram to 32K and provides paged roms at #A000
  • Support for the AtoMMC interface, emulated as a folder on the disk Atomulator is on.
  • Support for the AtomSID interface.
  • Fixed minor errors in some graphic mode emulations.
  • Fixed issue with IRQ usage and reset.
August 15th 2011
Atomulator v1.0 released.


  • emulates a 12+16k Atom with colour board, disc pack, and optional BBC BASIC mode.
  • supports six PC formats for Atom software images - disc: .dsk, .ssd, .dsd, .fdi, cassette tape: .uef and .csw
  • sound emulation
  • optionally emulate authentic Atom graphical "snow"
  • built-in 6502 debugger